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Dispeller's Dust
Gate Scroll
Shadow Ward
Truth Ward
Invasion Ward
Heart PieHero's draft skinrcer
Magician's elixir
Minion Detonator
Minion cloner

Blue Aspects

Sage Boots
Arcana Amplifier
Warlock’s Opus
Mana lens
Nirvana Jewel
Mana Muzzle

Red Aspects

Slayer Boots
Voracious Steel
King’s Castle
AI Ammunition
Adrenaline Boost
Adrenaline Boost
24% attack speed
10% crit chance + 5% per red 
Unique active - Rush: 50% attack speed and 12% movespeed for 4 seconds.
Cooldown = 60 sec.

Purple Aspects

Boots of Quickness
Jar of Hearts
Goblin Glue
Eldritch Flame
Camouflage Module
Heart Piercer

Green Aspects

Boots of Persistence
Photosynthetic Symbiote
Mallenk’s Fist
Mantle of the Mallenk
Mallenk Scale
Storm Quiver

White Aspects

Boots of Quickness
Jar of Hearts
Goblin Glue
Eldritch Flame
Camouflage Module
Heart Piercer

Neutral Aspects

Growth implant
Quantum shift
Stealth Tech

Blue Aspects


Effect One: [0.5% missing Mana] Mana Regen / Sec.
Effect Two: Damaging an enemy with an Ability reduces the Cooldown of your Ultimate by 2 seconds.


Effect One: Every 5th Ability does 20% extra damage.
Effect Two: Hero kills increase Movement Speed by 15% for 3 seconds.


Effect One: 1 Energy Power for every 6 Minion kills.
Effect Two: 5% Ability Vamp. (Reduced 1/3 on Area of Effect abilities)

Red Aspects


Effect One: Additional 3 Gold on lane Minion kills if an ally is within 2200 units.
Effect Two: Receive 25% bonus Gold on hero kills and assists.


Effect One: 10% increased Basic Attack range.
Effect Two: 30% additional Critical Strike damage.


Effect One: Last hits on enemy Minions heal for 8 Health.
Effect Two: Hitting 3 consecutive Basic Attacks on the same enemy hero within 3 seconds provides a burst of 20% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. (10 Sec Cooldown)

Purple Aspects


Effect One: Pass through Minions (no collision with Minion units).
Effect Two: Not attacking for (20 - Level) seconds grants 100% Crit Chance for one shot (does not have to land).

Plague Doctor

Effect One: Killing a unit causes enemies within 400 units of the death to burn for 100% Basic Attack damage over 3 secs.
Effect Two: Every 20secs your basic attack applies a DOT for (8% of target's health) true damage to your target over 5 secs.

Green Aspects


Effect One: Not taking damage for 10 seconds grants a Shield for 8% max HP.
Effect Two: Receive [0.5% max Health] as Physical and Energy Power.


Effect One: CC Slows are 50% less effective. (50% Slow becomes 25%; Self-Slows do not count)
Effect Two: Gain 9 Physical and Energy Armor for 4 seconds when hit by CC. (Stacks indefinitely)


Effect One: 10% reduced damage taken from neutral Minion attacks.
Effect Two: Neutral Minion kills permanently increase Physical Power by 0.5 and Health by 4. (30 Times)

White Aspects


Effect One: Allies within 1600 units gain 6% of your Armor and Magic Resist.
Effect Two: 15% of Mana spent becomes a Shield for 3 seconds.


Effect One: Increase vision radius of Wards by 15%.
Effect Two: 12% Item Active CDR.


Effect One: Potions last 30% longer.
Effect Two: Your Heals and Shields increase the Attack Speed of the recipients by 15% for 3 seconds.