The 3 months milestone

The 3 months milestone

We have been working full-time on Rise of the Elders for roughly 3 months now (14 weeks to be exact) so we thought it would be a good time to share a little debrief on our progress so far. 

So how are things looking right now ?

Work Organization

Forget about salaries, paid holidays, private health insurance… Working on an independant video game project comes with only one major benefit : freedom. But it means a lot to us.

As a matter of fact we all work from home and organize our days the way we want. Usually, by 10am I have already worked 1 hour, eaten breakfast, and gone on my morning run…. Which is pretty awesome considering the fact that in my previous job, people were coming-in around 10.30am !

But no matter how much we call and talk over skype, working from home just doesn’t replace the kind of communication you have in an open-space office. So in order to avoid having tensions building up we make sure to spend a couple of days all together every now and then : bonding and working hard !



 Project Progress

As for the project, we already put together 19 564 lines of code (from which roughly 50% are external libs) and created around 100 artworks (from which we kept no more than 40%)… We spent a lot of time setting everything up and finding a proper art direction !

Regarding our meta game, the sandbox is nearly finished. Investigators can now travel from place to place and carry out certain kind of tasks like entering encounters, investigating, visiting cities, setting-up contacts, etc… Here is a short video of our worldmap travelling gameplay :

In the next 3 months we’ll focus on improving the visuals of the worldmap (HUD, icons, interface animations) and setting-up the whole story framework.

 Regarding our encounter phase, the core mechanics have been implemented : we have a basic AI and Investigators can move & shoot :

We are also spending a significant amount of time on developping tools to make our Level Design work easier because, believe me, it’s really not simple to work on a 2.5D parallax environment in Unity !

In the next 3 months we’ll focus on adding abilities, skills and fear mechanics, as well as some significant visual improvements like particle effects, VFXs, pawns and environment animations.


Right now, the game is not drawing as much attention as we would like to, but to be fair we still don’t have a lot to show so far… It shouldn’t be long now until we can give the indie game community a real taste of our game !

Actually, we even consider launching a kickstarter before the summer holidays – but our mind isn’t 100% made up about that since we don’t want this to distract us too much from our ultimate goal : launching the game in this fall !

Plus, launching a Kickstarter campaign without having at least 2 000 followers would be suicidal (as of right now we have only 577 Facebook likes).

Anyhow, for now we’ll just keep working on the game day and night… We’ll reassess next month 🙂


Thank you for reading !

Strangely yours.

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Feedbacks, (gentle) criticism or good ideas are always welcome !


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