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Rise of the Elders on Kickstarter NOW!

This is it! We’re there! After more than a year of work, we’ve finally launched our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter!!!

We put all our heart in that project and in making that pretty video (had a lot of fun too)! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

PostcardCthulhuWhy crowdfunding? Because it is the only way to remain absolutely independent, masters of our game’s destiny! And by that we mean, financially independent. We don’t want to be the developer sitting in his ivory tower, we want your input on the project. Crowdfunding is the means to build a community around Rise of the Elders. And a way to know, if (or rather, that!) we’re headed in the right direction!

Nothing much more to say, really! Except that your support is vital to us. So if you want Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu to exist, if you would like to see how the Strange Matter team can surprise you in the future, please support us!

We’re really looking forward to be reading your feedback and ideas: mail us @

Spread the word, RT, like, share, comment… And don’t forget to back us!

On behalf of all the Strange Matter team:

Thank you!

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