We made a playable version of the game (for Windows and Android) to show you that we are serious about this project and that it’s really happening:



   Until now we have been racing to add lots of content to the game without really taking the time to properly polish anything. Since we had a small amount of time to deliver this version we had to put our focus on a couple of features and remove everything that’s not good enough to be shown.

   In this demo you can play a series of 3 Encounters with the same group of Investigators. Although this doesn’t give you a complete overview of the game (no meta-game for now) we hope you’ll enjoy the look & feel and that you’ll want to see more!


About the Encounters

  • Bridge is a simple Escape scenario. Just get your Investigators across the pond into the escape zone.
  • Misty Clearing is a Search scenario. Search the 3 blinking objects for clues and then fall back to the escape zone. To search for clues, select an Investigator adjacent to that object and then tap the object twice : once to se
  • Souk Market is a Close Portal scenario. You need to get to the Portal and close it before reaching the escape zone. Currently the Portal doesn’t spawn enemies because we haven’t implemented this functionality yet, but that’s the idea 😉

Important: this demo shows only a small portion of our game. We couldn’t afford to polish everything we have so far!


How to play

   Each Character has 4 Action Points that you can use to move (1AP), fire a weapon (1AP), make a melee attack (2AP) or cast a spell (the amount of AP required depends on the spell).


   There are 4 spells available in this version:

  • Telekinesis: the target is pushed back by 2 cells (if there is enough empty space behind the target).
  • Shield: the target’s physical damage is reduced by 50% during 2 turns.
  • Entangle: the target cannot spend action points on movement for two turns.
  • Drain: a small amount of the target’s health points are transferred to the caster.


   Here are a couple of tips in case you are struggling with the difficulty:

  • Think about using all your spells! To equip a spell, tap the “abilities” button in the bottom left of the HUD. The number top left is the cost in Sanity, the number in the top right is the range of your spell.
  • Tap & hold on an icon to display the description.
  • Know your enemies! As explained in the Monster AI design update, every creature has its own specific ability which you need to learn to anticipate.
  • Beware the Opportunity Attacks! Every creature can carry out two opportunity attacks during your turn. Those are automatic melee attacks targeting adjacent Investigators (look out for a “warning” icon on their pawns) about to move, cast a spell or use a ranged weapon. If you wish to attack an adjacent creature without triggering an Opportunity Attack, you need use a melee weapon.

The Magician has a small warning icon on its pawn: if he does anything else but use a melee weapon he will receive an opportunity attack. As for the Sailor, he’ll be exposed if he moves to that tile, past the creature!

  • Stay out of the Line of Sight! As explained in the Level Design update, if you are not sure if a tile is exposed to the enemy’s LOS, simply select that tile and look out for “hidden” icons. Any pawn with that icon on it doesn’t have a direct LOS to that tile.

If the Safari Hunter moves to that tile, he will no longer see the Maniac at the bottom of the screen!


   Good luck and have fun!

   Strangely Yours,