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Design | Worldmap Activity

   In today’s update we cover the World Map Activity. As a reminder, the dynamically-generated content you’ll experience is mainly based on two features: World Map Activity and Story Events. We’ll discuss the latter one in our next update ~^(;,;)^~


   Encounters are the bulk of the action that’s generated on the world map. They are rather short (we are targeting 5-10 minutes) turn-by-turn combat situations

   The focus of the action is not on killing everybody, but to enter a scene, complete an objective and then leave. Examples of objectives:

  • Closing a portal
  • Searching several spots for clues
  • Rescuing a NPC


   At first, your Investigators have very basic equipment and no spells, but as you progress in the game you get access to a large panel of weapons, items and spells. This significantly broadens your gameplay options, allowing you to face more challenging situations and solve them in creative ways.

   On the World Map, each Encounter has a glowing timer gauge around it that’s slowly filling up. If you fail to solve the Encounter by the time the gauge is full, it means that the Cult managed to carry out its evil deed. As a result, the Encounter disappears from the map and the Doom Tracker (see Update#3) progresses by 1.


   Expeditions are a series of Encounters linked together and packaged into a small narrative plot. Each Expedition comes with its own mini-map:


    Some of the Expeditions might appear in the game as side-missions, while some others might be part of the main story path. Either way, Expeditions are long and difficult, but come with great rewards!

   Once you sent a team into an Expedition, that team is on its own. It can’t be reinforced and if it leaves, the rewards will be lost.


   Investigations are small bonus stages that can appear all around the world. If you succeed, then you receive a reward, if you fail, the Investigation and the reward is lost.


    As of now, a simple die roll is made based on your Intelligence and Skill modifiers, but we are still working on our final gameplay. That being said, we want to end up with something simple & quick, because the main factor of our game should remain on the turn-by-turn Encounter phase.

   Strangely Yours,

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