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In Today’s update, we cover the fundamentals of our metagame: the Story Progression and the Doom Tracker. More updates coming up soon ~^(;,;)^~



   Because we want this game to be highly replayable, we cannot afford to a have a continuous story line like in a traditional RPG. Instead, we are laying-out some checkpoints (or Acts) that the player needs to go through. 


   Each Act requires you to complete a certain set of objectives (like studying 3 relics or completing a certain expedition) in order to move on to the next one. Complete all Acts and you’ll get a shot at finishing the game by preventing the Cultists from carrying out their blasphemous ritual!


   What happens in-between each checkpoint is kind of unpredictable since it is filled with dynamically-generated content. This content is fed by two sources:

  • The world map activity: Encounters, Expeditions and Investigations spawning on the world map
  • The story events: small stories revolving around the actions and the evolution of your Investigators.

More about that in our next update!




   An important part of your HUD is the Doom Tracker (at the top of the screen). If this gauge is full, the Cultists manage to awaken Cthulhu, unleashing a nightmarish force into this world that’s impossible to comprehend nor to withstand! … In other words, you’re Game Over.


    The Doom Tracker can progress for various reasons. Here are a few examples:

  • When one of your Investigator turns mad
  • When you fail to recover an important relic before the Cultists
  • Because you deliberately chose to have it that way (as a trade-off for using a powerful artefact)

   We are also contemplating the possibility to give the player a chance to reduce this Doom Tracker by a small amount. This could be a reward for a dangerous side-mission for instance… To be confirmed.

   Strangely Yours,


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