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Design | Random Events

   In today’s update we cover the Random Events ~^(;,;)^~

   Random Events make it more challenging to deal with your organization when playing on the World Map. We also like to call them Story Events because they were designed to introduce lots of player choices and a unique flavor to each gaming session.



   When you play on the World Map you assign your Investigators to all kind of time-consuming actions: travelling, visiting contacts, working, learning spells… 

   While carrying out these actions your Investigators can trigger some small events, requiring you to make an immediate decision. In the example below, the Investigator was studying a relic when things suddenly went south:



   While travelling, your party can be ambushed. If that happens, you’ll need to resolve an Ambush Encounter before you can resume travelling.


   The chances of being ambushed depend on the area you are travelling (whether or not it’s close to a corrupted worshiping place), your Investigator’s skills, and the means of transportation that you are using.

   If you are being ambushed by car you can choose to flee rather than facing your foes, in which case you will have to finish the journey on foot.



   As explained in the Kickstarter campaign description, your characters will progressively accumulate Disorders, making them harder to control. 

   Here are a few examples as to how this impacts gameplay:

  • Claustrophobia: when taking the boat or the plane, the Investigator might trigger a panic attack. As a result he will start losing sanity during the rest of the trip and once arrived at his destination, he will move randomly on the world map for a little while before you can control him again.
  • Dementia: if the Investigator spends too much time alone he might end up committing suicide.
  • Alcoholism: if the Investigator stays idle for too long he might get arrested for having caused trouble. If so, his portrait in the bottom bar will appear as “jailed”. Tapping that jailed portrait will trigger a pop-up asking you to post bail in order to regain control over your character.


   We don’t know exactly how many Disorders we will have time to develop but needless to say that we’d like to make as many as possible!

   Strangely Yours,


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