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   Today’s update is about Objectives and Level Design of the encounters ~^(;,;)^~


    Unlike many tactical RPGs, the objectives in the encounters of Rise of the Elders are not to kill all the enemies. We want to offer a more Lovecraftian experience where you complete an objective and quickly escape. the creatures of the Mythos are often too powerful to be defeated, so your main goal is to keep them at bay for as long as possible. So far, objectives include searching for clues, closing a portal, escaping an ambush or killing a cultist leader. 

   In order to complete objectives, you have to Interact with elements of the environment by spending Action Points. For example, closing a portal requires you to spend 8 Actions points over multiple turns.

Portals are spawning monsters! Be quick to close it!


    We have other objectives in the pipeline, like pushing your car out of a mud hole after an ambush, or securing an area by blocking entrances…

Line Of Sight

    One of the core mechanics of the encounters is the Line of Sight (LOS). In order to attack or cast a spell on an enemy target, that target must be in your investigator’s LOS. The way we determine a LOS is by drawing a line from the center of you investigator’s pawn to the center of the enemy’s pawn. If that line crosses a cover (wall, box or tree among others) you won’t be able to attack the target. 

   In order to make it easier to determine the LOS of your investigators,  a “hidden icon” appears on enemies that can’t be seen from a selected tile. 


Select a tile to see what enemies are in sight from there.


   In order to stay out of the LOS of enemies with ranged attacks, you need to deploy your Investigators carefully. Make sure to always end your turn behind cover!


Level Design Tiles


   Finally, we also have interesting gameplay situations that are associated to specific tiles:

  • Water tiles can only be traversed by certain enemies (like the Deep Ones for instance).
  • Some spells and abilities let your investigators push enemies on Ravine tiles which leads to an automatic kills.
  • Fire tiles inflict damage to characters going through them 
  • Swamp tiles slow down character movements and inflict an aim penalty
  • Shadow tiles let you hide from enemies at the cost of your sanity

   We are still mid way through the implementation of all our Level Design features, so if you have interesting suggestions, feel free to reach out to us !


   Strangely yours,


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