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   In today’s update we cover the Base Management in Rise of the Elders: Cthulhu ~^(;,;)^~ 


   You start with Arkham as your default HQ but you can unlock more HQs in other cities around the world. 

   You can use each HQ to establish up to 4 different Contacts. 



   For now we plan to release the game with 9 different contacts but if time permits we’ll add more.



   In order to establish a new Contact you need to send one of your Investigators into the field. The time needed for this task depends on his Intelligence and whether or not he has the relevant Skills for this mission.


The UI is still WIP. Don’t pay attention to the placeholder text.



   Once an active Contact is established in an HQ, you can send Investigators – one at a time – to visit that Contact. 



   For example, the Hospital lets you heal your Health Points as well as possible injuries your Investigators might have suffered. 


The UI is still WIP. Don’t pay attention to the Disorders which we are still using as placeholders for Injuries.



   Some Contacts are passive, which means that once you have established it, you can enjoy its effect at all times without further action. 

   For example, the Airfield connects your HQ to the air route network on the world map. Once you have that Contact in your HQ, the Investigators there can take the plane to reach other Airfields directly by plane. This allows you to save plenty of time… although a plane ticket does cost a lot of money!


The UI is still work in progress. Do not pay attention to the placeholder text.


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