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DESIGN | Character Progression

   In today’s update we cover some aspects of the Character Progression ~^(;,;)^~


Investigator Menu

   An Investigator’s menu is made of two parts: the Inventory to the left and the Character Sheet to the right. We designed it that way so you can easily interact between the inventories of your characters who are currently in the same place:


   About the Stats :

  • Health represents the overall physical condition of a character. You lose health points every time you take physical damage. A high Health value can also provide substantial damage bonus to melee attacks.
  • Sanity represents the resilience of your mind. You lose sanity points when you face nightmarish creatures or investigate the mythos.
  • Dexterity is used to find out whether you hit or miss during physical attacks. It is also used each time you try and dodge a physical attack. 
  • Intelligence is used during Investigations; it impacts your study time when you are trying to comprehend an ancient relic or learning a spell. Intelligence is also used to oppose resistance to sanity attacks, simulating the pragmatism of intelligent people.

   In addition to the Inventory and Stats, you can see 15 slots in the bottom right. This is where the character accumulates disorders (red), skills (green) and spells (blue) – up to 5 each.



Skill Tree 

   Each character can level-up five times, unlocking one new skill at every level.

   Out of these five skills, three of them are predetermined by the occupation and the other two skills can be chosen by the player. 

  In that case, the player needs to chose from a randomly generated list of two or three skills. Here is what a skill tree for a Doctor could look like for instance:

Skill Tree D

    By using this kind of randomly generated lists we make sure that every character is truly unique while still true to its occupation.

  Strangely Yours,


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