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By: David

   Today’s update is about Objectives and Level Design of the encounters ~^(;,;)^~  Objectives     Unlike many tactical RPGs, the objectives in the encounters of Rise of the Elders are… Design | Level Design


The Strange Matter DNA

Our vision is to make a new kind of game that really fits our modern lifestyles. We love playing good games but we rarely have the time to do so. This has two negative consequences:

  1. We unwillingly cut down on good gaming experiences because they are too time consuming. To play a good AAA game on console or PC you usually need to have a two hours time frame available!
  2. We find ourselves playing more and more mobile games not necessarily because we like them, but simply because they are quick to launch and fast to load.

As a result, we believe that a rapidly growing market is emerging, based on the following crowds coming together:

  • Hardcore gamers who are running out of time and looking for more accessibility.
  • Casual mobile gamers who started video gaming with simple games and are now on the lookout for higher quality experiences.


Therefore, we built the DNA of our games around a blend of both platforms, resulting in the following design pillars:



  • Fast to load: we want the player to be able to dive into his game as quickly as possible and resume his progression. That’s why we chose 2D graphics over 3D graphics.
  • Fast to play: we avoid huge chunks of dialogues and replace text with icons whenever we can in order to make our UI as intuitive as possible.
  • A short but extensible game loop: we are putting together small bits of adventures so you can play the game for several minutes or a couple of hours.
  • Highly replayable: instead of a complicated one-time storyline that’s hard to keep track with, we want you to experience your own stories by creating a dynamic sandbox. As your character progress throughout the game, this sandbox will fill with unexpected events.
  • Fully mobile friendly: most games are either designed for mobile only or ported to mobile after another platform was successful. We are designing that game to work on both PC and mobile right from the start – hence the topview for instance.
  • Premium model: no advertisings, no in-game purchases, you can play offline and never need to wait for long downloads to finish.

Strangely Yours,

The Strange Matter team.